Denture Care

Denture Care

No matter what kind of dentures you have, whether removable partial or full, good daily hygiene starts with proper denture maintenance. By cleaning your dentures on a consistent basis, you can prevent stains, bacteria growth and odor, among other issues. Keep your dentures looking their best with these denture care tips.

Rinse Dentures after Eating

Following a snack or meal, you should always remove your dentures and run water over them to dislodge food debris. This helps eliminate loose particles that can lead to bad breath and even gum disease over time.

Soak Dentures Once Per Day

Using a specially formulated denture cleaner, you should soak your oral appliance at least once a day to remove food deposits. Avoid abrasive cleaners and materials that can damage your dentures, as well as hot or boiling water. And always be sure to thoroughly rinse off your dentures after a deep soak to remove any leftover chemicals from the denture cleaner.

Brush Dentures Daily

While you should brush your natural teeth, cheeks, tongue and roof of your mouth after eating, you only need to brush your dentures once every day. After soaking your dentures in a cleansing solution, brush them with a soft-bristled brush and a nonabrasive denture cleanser to eliminate food, plaque and other buildup. Also, be sure to remove any remaining denture adhesive.

Soak Dentures Overnight

Most dentures need moisture to hold their shape. In this case, remember to remove your dentures and place them in water or a mild soaking solution while sleeping. Always consult with your doctor to determine how you should store your dentures overnight.

Denture Care from Red Bank Smiles

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