Orthodontic Retainers

Red Bank Orthodontic Retainers

Retainers are an often-overlooked aspect of the teeth realignment process, yet are the most important. Without retainers, the work that was already done to realign your teeth can be easily undone.They should be worn at least during sleep, until otherwise instructed by your dentist.

What Type of Retainers Are There?

There are a wide variety of retainers that can be made to fit your mouth, depending on both recommendations from us and your personal preference.

  • Removable Hawley Wire Retainers: These are easily taken in and out by the patient, easy to clean, and can be tightened or repaired as necessary. However, they are easily lost or broken, and can be less effective at retaining the teeth position than other options.
  • Removable Clear Plastic Retainers: This is a less expensive option for retainers, and are nearly invisible so you can wear them daily without losing any confidence in your smile. They sometimes protect your teeth against grinding as an added bonus, and can help move teeth back into position if there is any slight movement. However, this option won’t last as long as other retainers.
  • Bonded Permanent Retainers: As suggested by the name, these are held permanently in place with a metal bar on the back of the teeth that need to be retained. They last the longest, but can be difficult to clean and floss around.

Retainer Care Information

Caring for your retainer is the key to maintaining its effectiveness and not having to wear it for too long. Things like putting it in its case when you aren’t using it and cleaning it thoroughly on a daily basis are key components of owning a retainer to ensure you aren’t allowing the buildup of bacteria.

If your retainer is broken or lost, call us immediately upon finding out so we can get to work on getting a new one ordered for you–the longer you go without a retainer, the more you increase your risk of losing all the hard work you’ve done to realign your teeth!

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