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Start your journey to a perfect smile with Red Bank Smiles and experience the transformative power of Invisalign. Let us help you achieve the confidence and beauty that comes with straight, aligned teeth.


Straighten your teeth with Invisalign and Red Bank Smiles in Red Bank, NJ.

Your teeth are a very important part of you. They can affect how the world sees you, how you communicate and how well you take in nutrition. They are also, in many ways, keys to a healthy body. But, not everyone is lucky enough to have straight, white teeth from childhood on. Genetics, nutrition and illnesses can play a part in how your teeth appear and evolve.

Luckily, there are many ways to correct teeth that aren’t straight, white or perfect. Veneers can hide stains. Cavities can be removed and filled. Orthodontic procedures can correct crooked teeth, gaps and under or over bites. The staff at Red Bank Smiles is ready to assist you with a full range of dental care procedures.

Why are your teeth not straight?

Genetics plays the most important part of how your teeth form. Unfortunately, the genes that are passed down from your parents can’t be controlled; however other elements such as regular checkups can help downplay even the worst hand genetics can toss at you.

Your family dentist can monitor how the teeth are arranged and the changes in a child’s mouth as they grow older. If crowding issues begin to appear, early measures can be taken to downgrade the severity of many orthodontic issues. Braces or Invisalign dental options could be used to prevent issues later in life.


Not many people consider crooked teeth to be a serious issue, but when it comes to eating properly, straight teeth are best. Teeth that are properly aligned chew food with less work and cause less wear and tear. Properly aligned teeth are also much easier to clean as there are fewer crevices that food, plaque and debris can hide.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an orthodontic device that is worn as much as possible. They are clear inserts that fit around your teeth and gently push your teeth into alignment. Your dentist or orthodontist will create a scan and take a mold of your teeth to create the perfect fit. Then, every two weeks, you will change out your old device for a new one.

With proper care from Red Bank Smiles, you too can enjoy a perfect smile. We look forward to hearing from you.