What Causes Bad Breath?

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Whether it’s caused by a certain food, a health condition or bad dental hygiene habits, halitosis – or bad breath – can disrupt your day-to-day life. When faced with halitosis, many people head to their local store or pharmacy to pick up a pack of gum, mouthwash, mints or similar products. However, these products only provide temporary relief from bad breath. In order to thoroughly address the problem, you need to find what’s causing the odor. That’s where the team at Red Bank Smiles can help.

Causes of Bad Breath

There are a myriad of factors that contribute to bad breath, whether it’s a habit you can change or an underlying health issue. Some possible halitosis causes include:

  • Food – Garlic, onions and certain spices already have a pungent odor. When you consume these foods, they can actually enter your bloodstream, be transported to your lungs and cause bad breath. Bad breath can also be caused by the breakdown of food particles around your teeth.
  • Tobacco – It’s no surprise that tobacco products, like cigarettes, can cause bad mouth odor. But did you know that tobacco users are more prone to gum disease? Gum disease is another source of halitosis.
  • Poor Dental Hygiene – Remember those food particles that can cause bad breath? If you don’t brush and floss on a regular basis, you’re not removing them. Improper hygiene can also lead to gum disease, or periodontitis.
  • Dry Mouth – This condition causes a decrease in saliva production. Because saliva helps remove particles that can lead to mouth odor, dry mouth may be to blame for your bad breath.
  • Postnasal Drip – Allergies, viruses and chronic inflammation of the nose, sinuses or throat can cause postnasal drip. Unfortunately, this extra mucus may be the source of halitosis.

When to See Your Dentist

Oftentimes, a simple review of your dental hygiene habits and subtle lifestyle changes, like drinking more water or eating foods with fewer spices, can help prevent bad breath. However, if your halitosis doesn’t seem to be going away, it’s time to schedule an appointment with your dentist. At Red Bank Smiles, we provide comprehensive dental care for the whole family. Get to the root of your bad breath by booking an appointment at our Red Bank, NJ location today.