How Can I Keep Myself Healthy?

You brush, floss and schedule regular preventive care. But what else can you do to safeguard your teeth from decay, wear and more? With a wide range of protective dentist services, Red Bank Smiles can help keep your teeth in optimal condition to ensure lasting oral health and a beautiful smile. To learn more about protective dentistry, call Red Bank Smiles at 732-741-1052.

Fluoride Treatments

Treating the teeth with fluoride, the 7th most common naturally occurring mineral, can help strengthen tooth enamel, reduce sensitivity and minimize the growth of decay-causing bacteria. Fluoride has proven effective for both children and adults, and can be especially helpful for individuals at a higher risk for cavities, such as those with dry mouth or worn teeth.


The back teeth can be especially difficult to brush and floss between, allowing food and plaque to collect and form decay. To protect these hard-to-reach areas, dental sealants provide a smooth, thin coating that keeps harmful buildup at bay for kids and adults.

Solutions for Excessive Wear

Slow-paced tooth wear is natural over time. But when wear is accelerated by grinding, clenching or exposure to acid, protective dentistry can slow the damage and prepare teeth for restoration. If your teeth show signs of excessive wear, Dr. Klayman may recommend:

  • Nightguards to prevent grinding and clenching
  • Splints to correct a discrepancy between the jaw joint and teeth
  • Diet modifications to reduce erosion caused by acids


In some cases, grinding and clenching the teeth can lead to headaches and migraines, which can be treated with the solutions outlined above. When these methods fail, Botox injections can offer relief by relaxing the muscles of the face. Best of all, patients may also notice a refreshed appearance after treatment.

Root Canals and Extractions

The team at Red Bank Smiles strives to use the least invasive treatments, but in some situations less conservative methods are required. For example, when infection has attacked the nerve of a tooth, the infection must be removed in a procedure called a root canal therapy. Once the affected tissue has been eliminated, the canal is filled with an antibacterial agent to prevent future infection.

If a tooth cannot be saved, we will recommend extraction. Completed quickly and without pain, extraction provides an effective solution to tooth damage when other options have failed to help.

Protect Your Teeth with Help from Red Bank Smiles

With extensive training and years of experience, Dr. Klayman and the team at Red Bank Smiles has helped patients throughout Monmouth County protect and restore their teeth. If you’re in need of protective dental care, contact us online or schedule an appointment today.