What Type of Cleaning Do I Need?

Happy teeth make you a happy person.

Oral health is a major concern in many aspects of your life. It affects not only your health as an individual but also your self-image. Good oral health is mandatory as it boosts your confidence, your smile, your comfort, your ability to eat and your ability to talk.

Beautiful and clean teeth are key to how you look and feel about yourself and how people see you. This is why at Red Bank Smiles we offer quality dental care services that suit your needs. Red Bank Smiles dentistry is based in Red Bank, NJ.

Teeth cleaning: importance and benefits

Teeth cleaning helps in eradicating build-up of plaque and tartar in your teeth, which a hygienist usually does it at the dentist’s office. A buildup of plaque in teeth is natural, but too much buildup can give you gum disease. Regular cleaning usually involves a physical exam, elimination of plaque and tartar, tenacious toothpaste cleaning (ideally with an electrical toothbrush), professional flossing, and rinsing with fluoride.

When you have bigger problems like gingivitis or periodontal disease, you will need deep tooth cleaning. This usually involves x-rays, root scaling, and root planning. There are different types of cleaning procedures depending on how healthy your gums and teeth are.

We offer you and your family adequate and all-inclusive dental care. Be it for your kids or your grandparents, their dental services are all covered. Here your needs will be taken care of in a tranquil setting, because Red Bank Smiles wants patients to feel like family. We take care of all your dental problems to reduce the recurrence of your dental problems.

It only takes a little bit of your time to solve your problems at an affordable cost. We offer you regular cleanings, full mouth rehabilitation and any other service you will need.

Importance and benefits of teeth cleaning include:

  • Helps with disease in other parts of the body such as heart disease
  • Avoidance of tooth loss
  • Avoidance of dental disease such as gum disease, gingivitis, and periodontal disease

You might go for teeth cleaning to treat gum disease or simply as a regular process. Either way, following through after your cleaning is strongly advised. Ensure that:

  • You brush and floss at least twice a day
  • You eat a vegetable-rich diet
  • You make a dental appointment at least twice a year.

In the end, your hygiene and home care become essential in taking care of your teeth. As an individual you should always take oral hygiene very seriously to keep your health and social standing intact.