At Red Bank Smiles, we strive to help patients preserve their teeth however possible. However, sometimes treatment is unavoidable, and basic fillings may not always be the right option to treat the affected tooth. Learn more about onlays and how they can restore your smile with help from Dr. Benjamin Klayman at Red Bank Smiles.

What is an Onlay?

An onlay is a form of tooth restoration used to repair the damage caused by wear, fracture, or decay. The onlay, usually made with gold or porcelain, is created by a highly skilled technician to ensure lasting protection. Ceramic onlays are often preferred, as they help maintain a more natural look. Once the onlay is placed, it will strengthen the existing tooth and can be expected to last a long time in most cases.

Cavity size, severity, and location will help determine if an onlay is the right restorative treatment for your needs. Onlays are often used in cases where the cavity occurs on the cusp of a tooth, which is essential for chewing. They’re also an ideal choice when a cavity is too large for inlays and standard fillings, but not extensive enough to warrant a crown. In general, onlays are also recommended for cavities on the molars.

What to Expect

If Dr. Klayman and his team discover a cavity or broken tooth during a dental exam, they may suggest an onlay to repair the damage. Applying onlays require two appointments. When you visit Red Bank Smiles for your first onlay appointment, Dr. Klayman and his team will:

  • Apply a local anesthetic
  • Remove all decay and weakened structure from the tooth
  • Clean the tooth and prepare it for the impression process
  • Create an impression (mold) of your tooth
  • Administer a temporary restoration

After your first appointment, your mold will be taken to our skilled ceramist, who will create a long-lasting onlay designed to fit the specific dimensions of your cavity. At your next appointment, any temporary restorations will be removed and your onlay will be tested for fit before being cemented in place and finally polished.

Ask Your Dentist About Onlays

If you suspect you or your child has a cavity, schedule an appointment with Red Bank Smiles today. Our team will do everything possible to help you feel comfortable and provide the highest level of care. Call us at 732-741-1052 for more information.