Wedding & Events Packages

Wedding & Event Package, Whitening & Botox Parties, & Family Blocks

A major life event like your wedding requires extensive planning and preparation to ensure you have the best time possible. At Red Bank Smiles, we realize the importance that having a spotless smile provides. See how our services can help prepare you for these big days.

Wedding Packages

Weddings are one of the happiest occasions in a person’s life. Be confident in your smile when all eyes are on you with one of the specialized packages that we offer. Dr. Klayman is able to perform a number of cosmetic dentistry procedures that can help correct an imperfection or give a boost to your already sterling smile. Each package we complete is customized to a patient’s individual needs. We can even handle the dental needs of everyone in your wedding party. In order to make sure your smile is ready before the big day arrives, we recommend that you schedule a meeting with our team at least six months in advance.

In-Office Parties

A major life event like a wedding is not the only reason that you might want to spruce up your smile. Try something new the next time you hang out with your group of friends by scheduling an in-office party at Red Bank Smiles. One of the most popular procedures that people choose is Botox, which helps soothe the muscles in your face to help rejuvenate your smile and make you appear relaxed and refreshed. We also offer group rates for teeth whitening so you can make your smile stand out. You’ll be able to see the results of your whitening in less than an hour with the Opalescence Boost treatment we use at the office. To make these events a real party, our staff can arrange for food and drinks to be provided while you and your friends receive treatment. These packages contain discounts for large groups, so invite as many people as you want.

Family Bookings

With all of the clubs, sports teams, and appointments that are part of your family’s schedule, it can be a struggle to find a time to get you and your children to the dentist. Since preventative dentistry is so important to the health of your children’s smile, we offer special family block bookings so you can knock out everyone’s appointment in one day.

Simple Solutions

Whether you are planning everything for your wedding or trying to squeeze an appointment into your normal schedule, we don’t want you to forget the importance of having a pristine and healthy smile. That is why at Red Bank Smiles we work to make your life easier by offering group dental care for your wedding, family, or friends. If you would like to inquire about our group rates or book an appointment, please contact us today.

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