Intra-Oral Photos

When your dentist and hygienist conduct an oral exam, there are many tools available to help create a clear picture of your dental health. However, it can be difficult to help patients understand problems they can’t see, and sometimes more detail is needed for an accurate assessment. That’s why Red Bank Smiles includes intra-oral photos among the other dental technology we employ to care for our patients. Learn more about these quick, easy photos and how they help Dr. Klayman and his team to provide the best care possible.

What Are Intra-Oral Photos?

Intra-oral photos are taken inside your mouth using a small, specialized camera, giving your dentist and hygienist visual access to areas of the teeth and gums that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to investigate. The pictures are instant and easily understandable to both patients and dental care providers alike. This makes it easier for you to understand your full oral health situation, as well as any suggested treatments. Intra-oral photos can also track oral health progress, highlighting problem areas and clearly documenting changes.

Intra-oral photos can help detect issues such as:

  • Gum disease
  • Gingivitis
  • Tooth decay and cavities
  • Fractures, cracks and other details on the tooth surface

Being able to clearly see healthy areas of the mouth and compare them to areas in poor condition can help Dr. Klayman and his team provide a more complete, accurate diagnosis for every patient.

What to Expect

Intra-oral photos can be as simple as any other photo. The camera is easily maneuverable, making for a quick and painless process. Simply open your mouth, and your dentist or dental hygienist will place the camera inside and take pictures as necessary. You may be asked to move slightly to achieve the best angles, lighting and quality for each image. Sometimes a mirror and other tools to hold your gums and other soft tissue out of the way may be used. After the photos are taken, the information is available immediately for you and your dentist to review.

Tracking Your Progress

Taking intra-oral photos as part of preventative dental care is a helpful way to document your current health and keep track of how it changes over time. Intra-oral photos may not be necessary for every appointment, but having a baseline can be valuable moving forward. Schedule an appointment at Red Bank Smiles and find out if intra-oral photos can be useful in improving your oral health.

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