Extraoral Photos


You probably have dozens of photos of your own smile. Well, dentists like to take photos your smile, too. Specifically, extraoral photos. Using a digital camera with special lenses and flashes, Dr. Klayman can take high-quality images of all your teeth. This helps you and the team at Red Bank Smiles understand your mouth better, so that together, we can keep your teeth healthy and beautiful.

What Are Extraoral Photos?

There are a few different ways that dentists use images to look at your teeth. You might be most familiar with X-rays, which show bones, gums and teeth. There’s also something called intraoral photos, which are pictures of the inside of your mouth. But extraoral photos are strictly views of the outside of the mouth.

Reasons to Get Extraoral Photos

Why would a dentist want to take extraoral photos of you? There are several reasons. One is to take before and after photos. If you’ve ever seen before and after photos on TV or online, they’re taken using the same type of digital camera that Dr. Klayman uses. Before and after photos are an excellent way to showcase your progress with cosmetic and restorative procedures.

For example, before you start your first set of Invisalign trays, we’ll take extraoral photos of your teeth so we have them to look back on later. Because you see your smile every day, sometimes you don’t realize just how much it’s changed until you see the evidence in photos. Veneers, braces and teeth whitening procedures are some more common examples.

Aside from before and after photos, these images can also be helpful in identifying any problems. The camera takes professional-quality images that show great detail. This makes it easy for Dr. Klayman to note potential issues and to explain them to you in a way that you can see. It’s also a good opportunity for you to point out any cosmetic changes you’d like to make.

What to Expect

If you’re about to get extraoral photos taken, here’s what you can expect. Since it’s just a digital camera, there’s no radiation involved. You don’t have to bite down on anything or wear any protective clothing. All you have to do is look straight ahead and smile with your eyes open. Dr. Klayman will then snap a photo.

If he wants to get a better look at the sides of your teeth, he may ask you to put in cheek retractors. Cheek retractors pull your lips and cheeks to the sides so the he can get a full view of your mouth. He may also use gauze or a quick blast of air to dry your teeth. This will prevent any saliva from interfering with the flash of the camera. Again, these photos will get sent to the monitor.

Get Your Own Extraoral Photos Taken

A camera is just another tool that dentists use to thoroughly examine teeth. In this case, extraoral photos make it easy for you to understand your teeth, too. So the next time you have an exam or are getting ready for a cosmetic or restorative procedure, you might just get to see the camera in action. If you have any questions, you can always call Red Bank Smiles at 732-741-1052 and ask for Heidi. You’re also welcome to schedule an appointment online.

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