Red Banks Smiles: A Safe Dental Option During Coronavirus

Has COVID-19 affected your dental health? Has your dentist retired? Are you unsure or uncomfortable where you currently are and are looking for something different? At Red Bank Smiles, we pride ourselves on doing things the right way the first time; on making things simple; and on prioritizing your health. Call us NOW to reserve your private appointment with Dr. Klayman.

Unique and Flexible Financing

We know you have been financially affected by COVID. Rather than see you put off much needed work, we are now offering generous terms and 0.0% interest on payment plans.

Have you lost your dental benefits, or worse, lost your job? Our specially designed In-House $avings Plan is the right choice when it comes to getting the dentistry you want at the price you can afford.

Our Focus on Dental Safety Due to COVID

We have gone above and beyond the CDC recommendations regarding COVID protocols. We have designed and instituted systems to make certain you do not cross paths with any other patient in our office and to absolutely minimize contact with shareable items & team members. If you would like to learn in-depth about what we have done to keep you safe, please click here (this should link to the letter on the home page).

Not Sure? No Commitment

If you are uncertain if we are a good fit for you, call NOW to reserve a FREE no-commitment, private conversation with Dr. Klayman, where you can safely and comfortably discuss your goals and concerns.

We have always put your health first and foremost, and nothing is going to change our commitment to you.

Learn More About Red Bank Smiles

For more about the high standards of our practice, please review our practice philosophy, as well as our long-standing commitment to the community.



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