Best Home Practices for Preventive Dental Health

Good oral hygiene begins at home. In between regularly scheduled preventative dental care appointments at the office, it’s important to take great care of your teeth independently. Learn more about taking care of your teeth at home with preventative dental care tips from Red Bank Smiles. Get in touch with us for more information or schedule an appointment today.

Basic Oral Hygiene

Practicing good oral hygiene at home doesn’t have to be complicated. There are a few basic steps you can follow every day that will help improve the overall health of your mouth, teeth, and gums, such as:

  • Using fluoride toothpaste: This type of toothpaste can help prevent cavities, strengthen weak spots, and exposed roots and help with tooth decay prevention.
  • Brushing twice per day: Make sure to brush your teeth and tongue at least twice every day, or after every meal for a superior clean feeling.
  • Remembering to floss: Removing food particles that get stuck in between your teeth with dental floss is key to protecting your gums and teeth.
  • Drinking plenty of water: This can help wash away any lingering food particles and bacteria that could cause discomfort, plaque, or even cavities.

Preventing Gingivitis

Gingivitis is a milder form of gum disease caused by bacteria (known as plaque) that forms on the surface of your teeth and along the gum line. If it’s not removed regularly at home with preventative dental care, plaque builds up and hardens into tartar, which can only be removed by a dental professional. Plaque can be removed by thoroughly brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing, and you can reduce its occurrence by eating a well-balanced diet and avoiding tobacco products. Regular checkups are also a key factor in preventing gingivitis. Your dentist will remove all plaque and tartar buildup to ensure that your teeth and gums stay healthy.

Preventing Halitosis

Halitosis, otherwise known as bad breath, is most often caused by poor dietary habits and dental hygiene, both of which can be remedied at home. Brushing your teeth twice a day, especially after eating pungent foods, flossing to remove excess food particles, avoiding tobacco products, drinking plenty of water (particularly if you also experience dry mouth) and watching what you eat are all effective steps to preventing bad breath. However, halitosis can also be caused by gum disease or other oral conditions that require the attention of your dentist. Be sure to schedule regular checkups and additional follow-ups to treat halitosis if these at-home remedies aren’t effective.

Preventative Care Services

While it is true that good oral hygiene begins with you at home, preventative care from your dentist is also essential. It’s ideal to schedule two appointments per year, once every six months. Preventative care appointments help ensure that your teeth, gums, jaw, muscles, joints, and soft tissue are all healthy and identify any health concerns as soon as possible. During your visit, you can expect:

  • X-rays and photos: These images help dentists inspect the roots of your teeth to ensure they’re healthy and undamaged.
  • An oral cancer screening: An experienced dental hygienist will check for bumps, sores, discolored patches, and other abnormalities that could indicate the presence of disease.
  • A sleep apnea screening: Common symptoms of this condition include worn or flattened teeth, cavities, and irritated gums.
  • A cleaning: A member of our team will scrape away any buildup on your teeth before finishing off with a polish.

Schedule a Preventative Care Appointment Today

All of the practices above are important ways to keep your teeth healthy at home, but semiannual checkups with your dentist are also necessary to ensure your oral health stays in good shape. At Red Bank Smiles, Dr. Klayman and his team are dedicated to ensuring you receive the most comfortable and thorough dental care possible. Schedule an appointment online or call Heidi at our office at 732-741-1052 for answers to any questions.

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