As we approach spring, unfettered love is in the air.  Spring is the season for engagements and weddings. Sharing the most important day with the one you love is the first step of a life of happiness, commitment, and companionship. Whether you are getting engaged or tying the knot, it’s inevitable that the cameras will be snapping. Capturing the moment will provide memories for years to come.

Looking Your Best.

When it comes to the special day, it’s important to look your best. The memories you build will last a lifetime. As friends and family gather to share in the celebration of everlasting love, this is the time to look the part. Shine bright and let your smile speak a thousand words. Prepare for the day with Teeth Whitening Services from Red Bank Smiles.

What to Expect?

Before the big day, give your smile the boost it needs to shine as bright as you. Unlike over-the-counter whitening products, professional teeth whitening services stand the test of time. While over-the-counter remedies may create an impact, professional services will last long past the appointment.

Teeth whitening uses hydrogen peroxide as the bleaching agent. While most over-the-counter options include 2%-3% of hydrogen peroxide, in-chair options exceed that, offering an additional 20 – 30% of whitening power. Whether your special day is just around the corner or months out, in-person teeth whitening will create a generous amount of satisfaction that will shine on, long after you have gone.

In addition to hydrogen peroxide, professional treatments use heat and light treatment to speed up the process. While it could take weeks for over-the-counter applications, professional services take less than two hours, providing you with the confidence boost you need on your special day.

Teeth Whitening Events and Group Discounts.

Gather your friends and family and spend an afternoon with us. At Red Bank Smiles, we offer teeth-whitening group packages. Drinks and food will be provided after the procedure. Don’t forget to call ahead and receive a discounted rate, leaving each member of your party smiling and shining bright.