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The TMJ, Headaches/Migraines, Guards & Splints, & Botox

Explaining How Things Work

Your temporo-mandibular joint, or TMJ for short, are the 2 joints on the side of your face that move your bottom jaw. It is the most complicated and hardest-working joint in the body! Unlike other joints, it moves in all 3 planes of space, and it is easily damaged simply due to the position of your teeth. Some people have jaw joint pain or noises. Some have muscle aches, including frequent headaches or migraines. Still others find they need constant dental work.

Your teeth utilize each other as you talk and chew. Natural, slowly progressive tooth wear is normal. However, excessive tooth wear is not. There are 3 causes to tooth wear, and each has their own prevention. Sometimes it is a grinding or clenching habit, which can be treated with a nightguard, any necessary restorations, and Botox. Other times it could be because the way your teeth and joint work are not in harmony.  Splints and restorations are utilized in this instance. Lastly, it can be caused by acid, either from what we eat or what we regurgitate. This can be corrected through diet and restorations.

Many people suffer from constant headaches and migraines. Sometimes, the cause can be grinding or clenching, which can be treated with a nightguard. Oftentimes, however, additional help is needed. When applied to the muscles of the face, Botox can relieve the over-working muscles for great relief. The additional benefit is a more rejuvenated face. We also work closely with allied health professionals to get you healthy and happy and feeling great!

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